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Re: A hypothetical $3

     Mustafa asks about the nonmember surcharge, and whether it applies 
     where there is no site fee.  Without editorializing, no, it does not 
     apply.  The nonmember surcharge applies only where there is a site 
     fee.  If the feast cost is going to pay the costs of food, there is no 
     surcharge.  However, if the feast cost is being used to pay rental 
     fees for the hall and/or kitchen, that IS a site fee, even if it's 
     buried in the feast fee, and the nonmember surcharge does apply.

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Subject: A hypothetical $3
Author:  Mark Cassells <GORDONTR@ENH.NIST.GOV> at INTERNET
Date:    9/20/95 7:33 PM

This is actually a request for guidance, not trying to stir the pot on 
the "Temporary" non-member fee.  Flames will be gracefully ignored.
To begin with, let's pretend that I'm the autocrat for an event, and that 
is why I am interested in finding out what guidance can be found here.
For this event, the site costs our group nothing, so I charge NO SITE FEE. 
We have a feast, of course, and charge those who eat enough to cover the 
cost of the preparations.
Now, as I read the BOD rulings on the matter, since there is no site fee, 
the should be no non-member charge.  I am not even trying to circumvent 
the fee by asking for 'donations'....any and all are free to come and 
spend the day, partake in the event, camp, et-cetera free of charge.
I have been told that "Those in power (I could name, but I shall decline)" 
insist that if there is money taken in at an event, then the non-member 
charge is due the kingdom.  Even in my most convoluted logic, I fail to 
see how that applies here.
I can see how the statement of monies due would try to be a way of preventing 
circumvention of the wording of the BOD ruling.  (A ruling, which, IMHO stinks) 
Yet, even with my stated leanings on the ruling, I don't think that it applies 
to this event.  Am I wrong?