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Winter University

Greetings unto the patrons of the Merry Rose,

As Henry has stated earlier, the winter session of the University of Atlantia
is drawing nigh. I will be reprising my role as Dean of the College of
Performing Arts. I am looking for teachers interested in teaching classes in
any aspect of performing arts. I have asked Lady Anne of Carthew if she is
interested in taking on the entire music track. She will be putting the choir
together again, and also a class on rounds, but if there are any other singers
or musicians who wish to teach, please let me and Lady Anne know.

Also, input from students on what classes they would like to see taught is
also appreciated. It helps us build a curriculum that is better suited to

I will be teaching three classes, but only one will have anything to do with
the performing arts. I will be revamping a class I taught several years ago
at a Storvik event, called Reading and Understanding Shakespeare. I have lots
of new material for this.

My other classes will be geared toward the budding Mongolia-philes among you.
One class will be on Mongolian clothing, and the other will be on yurts and
their construction and assembly. Yes, there will be plans as part of the
handouts for this class, and copies of the Gobi Home Companion for at least
the clothing class (I haven't decided if I want to make it part of the yurt
class or not).

Hoping to see you at University.

In service,

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