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Re: Peacock Feathers and Monkey Suit

>1) I need Peacock feathers.  The eye feathers in particular, perhaps 
>a dozen or so, at least a foot long.  This is for my Vainglorious 
>crest. I've looked in a number of places, including Tandy's, with no 
     To Earl Daffyd from Ianthe, fair greetings,
     I once did a feast that featured "Peacock in its Pride" as the 
     subteltie.  I found enough feathers by scouring Pier One Imports and 
     in a couple of Indian specialty groceries and import stores.  You 
     might try calling some of these stores.  There are a bunch of Indian 
     Import shops in the Langley Park, MD area.
     Also, some florists carry them to use in silk flower arrangements.  You 

     might try some florist supply places for the best prices.
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