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My father, the fop!

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Greetings all!

I have just returned from the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (Mount Hope, PA). I 
had a wonderful time with my father and my youngest sister, who though I was a 
nut when I bowed to the Queen. (Will they never learn?) Anyhoo, my lord father 
has charged me to construct a full Musketeer costume for his next trip to the 
Faire. I saw some terrific examples last Pennsic, and I think with a little 
research I can pull it off. However, my dandy, foppish father wants a foil as 
well. He doesn't fence, but he wants to look good (after all, it is better to 
look good than to feel good, oui?).

Can anyone tell me where I can get one, and how much it might cost?

My thanks!

Rowena _______ of Eadwinstowe <----still working on the name
formerly Elayne

PS. I think my father has seen the Gene Kelly "Three Musketeers" one too many