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UnEvent/Curia announcement

                      Caer Mear
                    18-19 November 95

Unevent will be held on Saturday, 18 November in the Barony
of Caer Mear on the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
campus.  The site opens at 8:30am.  There is no event fee.
Please remember that this event is in garb and that all business
questions should be directed to the Kingdom Seneschal.  Please
also keep in mind that this is a university campus and any "LIVE
STEEL" is a bad thing and to be left at home.

Curia will be held on the same site on Sunday, 19 November.  The
site will be open at 9:00am for Curia.

Other notes of interest:

- Child care service will be available all day (except lunch) for a
small fee.  Donations of time will also be greatly appreciated.

- A heavy fighter practice will be held on Sunday for all interested
parties.  Questions can be directed to Lord Stephan, Caer Mear's
Knight Marshall.

- Hotel reservations can been made at the Holiday Inn - Historic
District (5 blocks from the site).  The fee is a fixed rate of $45.00
per room.  The group reservation is under "The Society for
Creative Anachronism".  Contact the hotel at 804-644-9871.

The autocrat for this event is Lord Aedan Aylwyn (Michael Lonski,
2 South 25th St, #100, Richmond, VA, 23223  804-644-5508
email: mlonski@aol.com)  Feel free to contact me with any further
questions that arise.

Directions: Take your best route on I-95 to Richmond, VA, to Belvidere
Street South (exit 76).  You will cross Broad St. in about 5 blocks.  Two
more blocks brings you to Franklin St. where you will see Monroe Park
and VCU campus on your right.  On the far side of the park is Main St.
Turn right on Main St.  The parking garage will be on your left in 2 blocks.
The event will be held in the School of Business which is 1 block further
down Main.  Leaving the garage, it is on the right side of the street and
has an overpass that crosses Main St. ahead of you.

To the hotel:  At Franklin St, turn left.  The hotel is 3 blocks down
on the right at 301 Franklin St.


Thank you one and all for your time in this manner.  My apologies for
not getting this announcement out earlier.  I hope to see many of
you there.