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Re: My father, the fop! -Reply

On Fri, 6 Oct 1995, Laurie Kovaleski wrote:

> You can purchase parts for a foil from the good folk at Triplette Competition Arms
> in Mt. Airy NC.  Unfortunately, I'm at work with out my catalog. Call them if you wish
> at (910) 786-5294 until 10pm. They are great people who are very helpful little elves.
> Just explain what you are in need of!
> I think that you can put together a basic foil for about $40,
> (plus shipping & handling). Fancy bits will cost extra.
> Lady Brigid of Linnhe
> Canton of Elvegast
> Windmasters Hill
I have been dealing with Triplette for about 3 or 4 years now.  They are 
very nice people and know their business.  You can buy a complete 
practice foil or epee from them for a reasonable price.  They ship 
complete weapons assembled.  If you wish to build a fancy more period 
looking weapon, get your blades from Triplette and your other parts from 
the Armoury (a division of American Fencer's Supply) in San Francisco.
I speak from experience on this point and have done it a couple times.  
Triplette also sells the Flexi-dagger blades by France-Lames.  This is 
due in large part to my efforts to convince them to sell them.

Any other Questions, please e-mail me.  I visit them often and even fence 
with them on occasion.

Aonghus Camshron Mac a'Chleirich
Atlantian Free Scholar
mka Derek Godfrey