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Re: Source(s) for Kilt Pattern(s)?

Greetings, friend! 
> Can anyone give me pointers to source(s) for constructing a kilt? 
> (Both modern and historical would be appreciated.) Also pointers 
> to sources for accessories could be useful.

Having gotten within finishing distance of a modern kilt, I have gained 
incredible respect for people who are daily employed in the making of these 
arcane things, and a deeper understanding of why a made-to-measure modern kilt 
costs so xmned much!!!  :-)

I am using the Folkwear pattern right now for a distinctly modern kilt.  The 
directions are a little non-helpful in places, and there aren't enough 
pictures that show some of the trickier bits--but I am almost finished, and 
from start til now it has only been a 60-hour process ....  Lots of cussing, 
lots of murmured exclamations of "Oh no, it can't possibly go that way.  Are 
you sure that's what they mean??"

Must admit the finished version looks tres bitchin', though .... the way those 
pleats swing during a dance, don'tcha know .... :-)  But only take on such a 
project if you have a lot of patience, quality wool, and lots of time.  Having 
a BS in Physics seems to have been helpful, too .... ;-)

For in-period kilts, there are pretty good directions in Scotty Thompson's 
book, _So You're Going to Wear the Kilt_, available at most Scottish shops.  
There's also a Web site at http://sunsite.unc.edu/gaelic/john/greatkilt.html 
which has downloadable pictures of the Work in Progress, as it were .... <g>

I must say I do prefer the great kilt look to the modern one, but that's me 

Good luck,