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Re: Source(s) for Kilt Pattern(s)?

Greetings, all.  HIstorically the kilt was 7-9 yards of woolen plaid 
cloth.  Documentation of this can be found as early as the 14th century, 
but not before.  However, since fashions in Scotland generally tended to 
stay the same for long periods of time, it can be assumed that the kilt 
was around for some time before then.  You should get 7-9 yards of plaid 
fabric, picking the colours you like without worrying about clan tartans 
(an invention of the Victorians).  In period, Scots chose their tartan 
based on 1) what they liked, 2) what was available, and 3) what they 
could afford.  You should do the same.  Make sure that the width of the 
fabric is enough to go from your knees to the top of your head.  Take the 
length of cloth and spread it out on the ground.  You should place your 
elbow on one end of the cloth and lay your arm on it flat.  Leave this 
distance unpleated.  Pleat up the middle of the cloth, so that when you 
lay on it with arms spread apart, you have unpleated fabric from hand to 
elbow, pleated fabric from elbow to elbow, and unpleated fabric from 
elbow to hand.  Now take a belt and run it under the cloth.  Lie on it so 
that the bottom of the cloth is at knee level.  Take the left end of the 
cloth, and pull it over you.  Then do the same with the right.  Now belt 
it.  You should now look like a Highland burrito.  Stand up.  There 
should be a large amount of fabric draping over your belt.  Take each of 
the unpleated flaps and tuck them in to the top of the belt, forming 
pockets of a sort.  Then take the fabric in the back and pull some of it 
around under your left arm, and pull the resyt over your left shoulder.  
Pin these together.  This sounds really complicated, and really needs 
diagrams, but what can I do?  Feel free to come up to me at any event and 
ask me to show you.  I'll be wearing a kilt :).  This is only one way to 
wear it, there were many others.  Bt this is one of the few I have found 
that works well and is relatively quick.  I hope you can follow the 
insrtuctions (somewhat).  
Eogan MacLaren

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, Hughes, Nik wrote:

> Good Morning!
> Can anyone give me pointers to source(s) for constructing a kilt? (Both 
> modern and historical would be appreciated.) Also pointers to sources for 
> accessories could be useful.
> One of the folks here at work fell in love with kilts after watching 
> Braveheart and wants to get one of his own.
> Thanks!
> Troll/Klaus/Nik