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Highland Foorde Brewing Workshop

Passing along event information.  Hopefully this will reach everyone's
mailbox before the event!  (Remember, EVERYONE loves a brewer!)
The Brewing Workshop at Highland Foorde
November 18th, 1995

Come join the spirited folk of Highland Foorde in a celebration
of grape and grain.  The event will start with expert guest 
speakers and discussions on the subject of beer, wine, and 
cordial making.  _Novices_: We will brew at least one batch 
of beer on-site and discuss the basics of brewing.  _Experienced
Brewers_: Lean new techniques; find contacts for hard-to-get 
supplies; and best yet, swap recipes.  Please bring any of your 
alcoholic efforts for praise and critique.  After dusk, we will 
gather by the bonfire for the traditional pastime of drinking and 
carousing with companions.

The event will begin at 2:00 p.m. and will run until approximately 
midnight.  The site is at  enormous home on 8 acres of land.  Be 
aware that neither the house nor the grounds are child proof.  
$12.00 includes a catered feast that will be enjoyed by both 
carnivores and vegetarians.  Non-alcoholic beverages will be 
provided for those who wish to drive home, but crash space and 
tent space will be available.  If you have any questions, contact
your friendly autocrats, Baron Silver (MKA Alan Feldman) or Wrynne 
of Wistan (MKA Debra Dunbar) at 19511 Porterstown Rd, Keedysville, 
MD 21756, (301)416-2882.

P.S. Baron Silver will be celebrating his 40th birthday on the 15th.
Please remind him of his immense age at every opportunity during the 

Take your best route to I-270 North (Frederick area) and take Rt. 340
West towards Harpers Ferry.  Exit on Rt.67 towards Boonesboro, and 
bear right at the end of the exit onto Rt.67.  Follow for about 6
miles then turn left onto Trego Rd.  Follow Trego Rd for about 3 miles.
Turn left onto Porterstown Rd.  We are the 2nd house on the left.  
The mailbox says 19511 and Dunbar.

              Razmus d'Obscurite [AKA: the Innocent]
               AKA: Rich Weissler [azrael@access.digex.com]
                "How deceptive can nature be," 
                  sighed the hedgehog as he climbed off of the cactus.
            - Translated from Russian by Ilya Goldin <igoldin@CAPACCESS.ORG>