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R.I.P. Edith Pargeter

Gentle Cousins,

	A moment of silence, if you would, for the passing of a kindred spirit.  

	Miss Edith Pargeter, aka Ellis Peters, aka the mother of Brother 
Cadfael and the author of the marvellous Brothers of Gwynedd quartet of 
novels, passed from this life in her beloved Shrewsbury, England, on Friday, 
October 13.  Having written her final Bro. Cadfael story, _Cadfael's Penance_, 
while recovering from the amputation of one of her legs last year, she seemed 
frail but recovering; however, she suffered a fatal stroke.  Having fostered 
the Medieval dream of many of us, and fanned the flames of Welsh nationalism 
with such panache and grace, she rests peacefully in the land she loved so 
well and chronicalled so marvellously. She will be missed.

	Grateful for her life and art, but sad at her passing:

	Meli ferch Iasper