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Medieval Times

Greetings and Felicitations unto All Good Gentles!

Anyone who is absolutely for sure certain positive that they are going 
to join our group going to the Medieval Times Dinner Theatre at Crown 
Tourney on November 3 at 6:00 PM must contact Lynna (Ganymede Lau) 
immediately at (803) 237-4839 (before 8PM please) or e-mail her at 
Ganymedelw@aol.com.  The cost per person will be $23.95, and this 
includes dinner, the show, tax, and tip.  They are currently holding 60 
places for our group, but we need to let them know the names of those 
who will absolutely, positively be there as soon as possible.  We 
really want a good turnout for this one.  It will be loads of fun, and 
some good PR for the SCA.  Garb is strongly supported and welcomed.  
Come join the fun and add to the weekend events.

Lord Astil and Lady Elspeth
(mka Chuck Turner and Sher Hines)