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Instrument construction sessions

Greetings all!

For those of you in the Metro D.C. area that attend the Monday and Thursday
fighter practices\Instrument construction sessions at Lady Ayisha's in
Storvik, there are a couple of announcements.

1) the lighting situation had been improved, four halogen flood lamps were
added (thank-you, Shone)

2) due to my recent car accident and the medication I'm on, I will not be
able to give demonstrations with any of the tools that could cause the loss
of  fingers, hands, etc..

I discovered this past weekend that I can still place drum heads and relace
drums, so if anyone attending is willing to use my lathe (for those who
want to do this the easy way) or chisels (for those who like turning big
blocks of wood into kindling) to finish out the bodies, I'll still be able
to continue with the drum construction sessions this winter season. (You
die-hard rattan junkies can still fight out in the practice area, this
little black duck is staying in his shop where it's warm!)  I should be off
medication on the 28th of this month.

Once I'm off medication I should be able to continue with the instrument
construction sessions.  I still don't have a new source for strings...Two
that I had lined up fell through.  So I'll be focusing on drums, recorders,
bagpipes, and shawms for the time being...plus portative organs for those
who are just a wee bit masochistic.

Questions about the practices and/or the instrument construction sessions
can be made by calling (202) 723-2208 ask for Lady Ayisha (Donna Randall),
or Boroghul (Grey Randall)

Loopily Yours,

Boroghul Khara/Grey the Succinct
Non Omnia Possumus Omnes