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atlantian university children's activities

unto the crowd assembled at the merry rose, greetings from melys!

i am attempting to line up activities / classes / attendants for the
younger folk among us at the upcoming atlantian university in
kappellenberg.  (you're all coming, right? *grin*) ideally, i'd like to
divide the children's activities into time-segments which follow those
of the classes, and have activities or at the very least an attendant
organized in advance for each period.  (something like a children's track
of classes, but without the requirement that each period actually be an
organized class, since i expect we'll have too wide an age-spectrum to be
all that organized about it.)

this way, the children are attended all day, and the load is spread 
across a wider spectrum of gracious volunteers, so that all who serve in 
this fashion may also attend the classes of their choosing the rest of 
the day...  

this does require that i find a larger number of people than usual to 
help out, but i'm hoping that the smaller amount of time needed 
from each volunteer will encourage people who otherwise wouldn't be at 
leisure to assist.  can you spare an hour of your busy day?  do you know 
anyone who can?  or anyone who'd be willing to contribute an activity 
that another attendant could run?  the children of atlantia will thank you...

please contact me by email or at 919-942-5435 (email is more reliable -  
i'm hardly ever home, but i do try to return calls...) if you'd like to 
volunteer, make suggestions, offer an activity, or just generally kibitz. ;)

					in service, 


angharad melys		
windmaster's hill / 
sacred stone, atlantia