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Crown Tourney A&S Info Update

Lady Deirdre has asked me to post this to the list for her.
Gawain Kilgore

Unfortunately, some of the Arts and Science information was not able to 
make it into the flyer for the upcoming Crown Tourney. I have listed 
them all below:

Back-Logged Scroll Competition (this information is in the flyer - 
prize will be given)

Hiding Your Mundane Stuff  - This was at the request of Her Majesty to 
compliment the Cooler Cover competition done at Coronation. Please 
enter anything in this competition that you feel adds to the ambiance 
of an event by hiding the many mundane necessities that we must bring 
with us. For instance, cans, flashlights, coolers (yes, if you missed 
it once...try again), diaper bags, snack food, chairs, tables, and on 
and on. A prize will be given to the winner.  Her Majesty will also  
pick Her favorite entry in the competition.

Open Display - This is for works-in-progress, static and working 
displays, finished pieces that don't fit into the other categories. 
This is not a competition but a display. It is an opportunity for your 
work to be seen and/or for your work to inspire others. If you have 
something you have been working on, please consider displaying it for 
others. Contacts of like interests and many inspirations for research 
are initiated by seeing a display that you admire.  Paper and pencils 
will be provided for comments and exchange of addresses for interested 

MoAS Table - I will have a table set up for two hours in which to 
distribute flyers, correct/verify warrant information and receive 
reports. I will also be available at that time to answer any questions 
and receive your suggestions on ways to encourage the arts and sciences 
in Atlantia.

In service,
Deirdre, KMOAS