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Re: Master Alron of Carillion

  I remember Shadowmaker very well. He alsways had kind words for Achber.
He would always without exception invite me into his encampment to see his
ware.  They were beyond my means, but he always said " Make me an offer!"
My meager funds were always to small for the Craftsmanship of his ware.  My
funds would have been an insult.  As always I declined with a smile.  
   He told me many stories.  Shadowmaker had a way of looking directly into
your eyes when he told his tales, as if you were the only one he was
addressing.  He always had a Crowd.
  My favorite was the "New York City Subway Survival Knife".. This piece of
dealy art is almost beyond description.  The temper was such that it ruined
  I met him at my very first Pennsic and I have seen him every since.
Pennsic will no be the same without Shadowmaker!