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Ponte Alto Baronial Polling

Unto the Residents of Ponte Alto:*

If you have not yet returned your Baronial polling letter to their Majesties, 
Cuan and Brigit, please do so ASAP.  Her Majesty has graciously extended the 
deadline for response to November 10.  But send them to her immediately to 
allow for mail time. (the deadline is in-hand, not postmarked-by!!)

If you need additional forms or address labels, or have any other questions, 
please contact me IMMEDIATELY:  703-569-9743(h) 202-942-3693(w) or 

Yours in Service,

Aislynn Fyrlocc, Seneschal
Barony of Ponte Alto

*To the rest of the patrons of the 'Rose:
Thanks for letting me use the Merry Rose for Baronial Business communication!