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Re: Period Housing

-- [ From: Phillip Jones * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Phillip Bell is a 15th century Scot from the Western Scottish Marches, who
has sold his sword in service to an Italian knight. 

Most periods interest me, and I am certainly willing to stretch the persona
in order to live with comfort. I'm living in Sumter SC, the land is wooded,
but not enough to build with (mostly pine).  I'd love to copy the villa at
the Getty Museum in Malibu, but have NO idea how much such a project would

I don't know that we have met. I was at Pointless War, Coronation, 7 deadly
sins, all as a Queens Guard. I usually wear a LandsKnechter outfit or a copy
of the Upsala Cathedral pluderhosen from Janet Arnold's patterns. Primarily
a rapier fighter, I am also squired to Syr Tancred.....

Much of this may be mere pipe-dreaming, as I am quite broke at the moment.
Still, I'll be looking into Log Kits, and figured I'd check into other
possibilities at the same time.......