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Re: Period Housing

Phillip Bell wrote:

> I suddenly find myself both landed gentry and soon to be homeless. Rather
> than simply move a mobile home onto my property, I'm quite tempted to
> attempt more period housing. I'd deeply appreciate resources, especially
> those available on the web.
> I don't need much space, do need to conform to some very basic housing codes
> , but those pertain more to wiring and plumbing. I've contemplated a
> permanent pavilion, but wonder what my other options might be. Any
> architects herein?

There are all sorts of references for permanent yurts, and they are
period. The parents of a member of my household, being taken with
yurt she built and takes to events, have replaced their house with
a lovely and spacious permanent yurt. Actually, two, one smaller one
adjoining the main one via a small enclosed breezeway. It also conforms
to all the usual building codes. If you ever find yourself up around
Storvik, I have some photos of it under construction that I can show

In service,

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