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The Life Mag SCA Spread

The spread in Life magazine on Pennsic War is tastefully,
although narrowly, done (concentrating on the
armoured combat side of things).

However, I wonder how many other marshal types
looked at the photo on page 32 and instantly
felt the urge to shout, "Hold! Hooooooold!"
You know that fighter in the bottom right
of the photo is thinking to himself, "SHIIIII
never lost a helm in battle, but that's
gotta be a damned naked feeling!

(This sorta reminds me of why the big petrochemical
companies in Houston never let folks take pictures onsite...
someone might unwittingly snap photos of safety
violations and publish them somewhere that OSHA
would take notice...:^) (OK, besides the other
arguments about trade secrets, etc.)

branwynn ottersby
Caer Galen, OUTLANDS
(who didn't see herself in any of the photos --
but there are PLENTY of very recognizable folks--
the photography work was nice)