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Help!  My ride to Crown Tourney wussed out on me at the last minute, and 
I *really* want to go (I've never gone to Crown Tourney before).  If 
there is ANYONE who will be going near or through Raleigh, NC on the way 
down to St. Michael's Keep, please call 919-782-8452 and ask for 
Camille.  I will gladly front gas money and have my own gear.  

*beg* *plead* *grovel*

PLEASE do not reply via email after 5:00 am EST, as I'll have gone home 
from work by then.  Any reading this at an unghodly hour can call 
919-890-6305 and hit 2 when the recording starts. That'll patch you 
through to me in the Tech Support area.  

Thanks ever so much!

--Sigridr bildir Ragnarsdottir, also called Siona the Axe.

Camille R. Klein					     cek@interpath.net
Interpath Tech Support						1-800-890-6305
Account Info: email info@interpath.net				1-919-890-6305
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