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RE: FAQ: Monthly Posting

> [Note:  As some of you may note, the above paragraph and others are 
> taken directly from the Rialto FAQ.  I attempted to contact Robyann, 
> the author of the FAQ who is in fact on our list, but received no 
> response.  If you do read this, Robyann, and decide you do not want 
> me to use parts of your FAQ, please contact  me immediately and I 
> will rewrite them. -- Kendrick]

I thought we went over this the first time you posted the Atlantia-L FAQ?
Just stick a note in the FAQ somewhere that credits the Rialto FAQ, and I
won't worry.

Or maybe you accidentally posted an old, unrevised version of the
Atlantia-L FAQ.

  Robyyan Torr d'Elandris  Kapellenberg, Windmaster's Hill  Atlantia
  Dennis R. Sherman  	         Triangle Research Libraries Network
  dennis_sherman@unc.edu       Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill