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Re: FAQ: Monthly Posting

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, The Merry Rose wrote:

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> OUTLANDS        Discussion of topics of interest to the Outlands
> Subscription:   e-mail to listserv@cscns.com with a subject of "information" and a body of the following:
> 		information cns-outlands
> Posting:        cns-outlands@cscns.com
> Maintainer:     Knut of Dragonsspine <norseman@cscns.com>
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Just a quick correction to this information.
To subscribe to the Outlands list send mail to 
with body subscribe outlands youraddress

To post to the list send mail to outlands@mail.unm.edu
from the address you subscribed under (it pretty much
bounces you unless the sending address is a subscribed
The maintainer is not Knut now. (say that 10x fast...)

Take care,
branwynn ottersby
Atlantian by Birth, Outlandish by Accident, Out freezing my
patoot off in the sleet 
(I wish it would just make up its mind and SNOW!!!!)