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FW: Tablet Weaving news!! (fwd)

Haven't seen this on Atlantia-l yet, so I thought the following might be 
interesting to some of you ... 

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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 09:01:00 PST
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Date: 25 Oct 95 16:19:05 EDT
>From: LINDA J. HENDRICKSON <102617.362@compuserve.com>
Subject: Tablet Weaving

Here's a fact sheet on TWINE.  You will need to contact Linda Malan
for information on Marijke van Epen's workshops. I'm arranging Peter
Collingwood's workshops, and there are no definite plans yet.

Tablet Weavers International News Exchange

Tablet weavers of any level of experience are encouraged to join TWINE,
Tablet Weavers International News Exchange.  Formed in July 1994,
the group now has approximately 60 members from the US, Canada, The
Netherlands, Denmark, England, France, Israel, and Australia.

Pirkko Karvonen, a leading fiber craftsperson from Alberta, Canada,
is coordinating a newsletter.  It consists of material written by
the members, and is distributed three times per year.  Topics include
letters, techniques, technical tips, historical articles, product news,
and announcements of interest to tablet weavers.

To join TWINE and receive the newsletter, send $ 9.00 if you live in
the U.S. or Canada, or $12.00 if you live elsewhere, to:

     Pirkko Karvonen
     373  - 22560 Wye Rd
     Sherwood Park, Alberta  T8A 4T6  Canada
     Phone (403) 467-4254

TWINE is sponsoring a workshop by the Dutch tablet weaver Marijke van
Epen in July 1996, to be held in Seattle or Portland.  Marijke has written
books on Indonesian tablet weaving, and on the use of tablets to produce
traditional designs from Peru and Bolivia.  For information, contact:

     Linda Malan
     830 Olympic Avenue
     Edmonds, WA  98020  USA
     Phone (206) 771-8072

TWINE is also planning a juried international tablet weaving exhibition,
to be held at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland in July
1996, to coincide with Convergence 96.  Additionally, Peter Collingwood,
British author of The Techniques of Tablet Weaving, is now scheduling
tablet weaving workshops to be held before and after Convergence 96
activities. For information on the exhibition and Peter's workshops,

     Linda Hendrickson
     140 SE 39th Avenue
     Portland, OR  97214-2002  USA
     Phone (503) 239-5016

The Techniques of Tablet Weaving, the most comprehensive reference
ever written on the subject, is currently out of print. A new paperback
edition is ready to be printed. To be sure you are on the mailing list
to be notified when the new edition is available, please write to Linda
Hendrickson (address above) or send supportive letters directly to:

     Peter Collingwood
     Old School, Nayland
     Colchester  C06 4JH   England
     Phone/Fax  011-44-1-206-262401

Below are the descriptions of the workshops Peter would like to teach:

Tablet-woven bands have traditionally been used as a means for weaving
inscriptions, which could be political, religious, commemorative, or
even amorous or humorous.  This class will learn three ways of doing
this; namely using S- and Z-twining, the versatile double-faced weave,
and plain weave double-cloth with only two threads per tablet.  But if
you cannot think of anything to say, you can concentrate on other motifs,
either traditional or self-engendered.

Suitable for students who have already had at least one introductory
class in tablet weaving and know how to make a continuous warp.

There are some complex and little known forms of tablet weaving which
include its use in a twill double-faced weave, in producing a two-sided
velvet fabric, and in the products based on a modern form of the pasaka,
an Indonesian implement making two-layered warp twining possible. This
class will concentrate on these and other techniques.

Suitable for students who have the normal double-faced weave under (or
on) their belt and want to make the next step into the many possibilities
of tablet weaving.

For both classes:  
Duration:  Three to five days, preferably the latter.
Number:  Up to 15 students
Equipment:  Each student would need two C-clamps, suitable warp yarn,
heavy sword or shuttle for beating and about 40 tablets (more should be
available in the class).

Fee: 190 pounds sterling (you'll have to calculate what that comes to in
Canadian dollars [Somewhere over $400Can]) plus lodging & travel expenses.

Thanks for your help, and let me know what happens.


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