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Re: Period Housing

take me off the list!

On Sun, 29 Oct 1995, Phillip Jones wrote:

> -- [ From: Phillip Jones * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> Phillip Bell is a 15th century Scot from the Western Scottish Marches, who
> has sold his sword in service to an Italian knight. 
> Most periods interest me, and I am certainly willing to stretch the persona
> in order to live with comfort. I'm living in Sumter SC, the land is wooded,
> but not enough to build with (mostly pine).  I'd love to copy the villa at
> the Getty Museum in Malibu, but have NO idea how much such a project would
> cost.
> I don't know that we have met. I was at Pointless War, Coronation, 7 deadly
> sins, all as a Queens Guard. I usually wear a LandsKnechter outfit or a copy
> of the Upsala Cathedral pluderhosen from Janet Arnold's patterns. Primarily
> a rapier fighter, I am also squired to Syr Tancred.....
> Much of this may be mere pipe-dreaming, as I am quite broke at the moment.
> Still, I'll be looking into Log Kits, and figured I'd check into other
> possibilities at the same time.......