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Atlantia Crown Tourney

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from Lord Konrad der ruhige Baer.

The Crown Tourney of THM Cuan and Brigit was held this weekend in the 
incipient Canton of St. Michael's Keep at a beautiful site in Myrtle Beach, 

The tourney was won by Jarl Galmr Ingolfsson.  Vivants for his Highness 

Their were 18 combatants in the tourney.  Please find below a list of the 
combatants,  their consorts and record (W/L) in the tourney.

Jarl Galmr Ingolfsson for Countess Katharina von Straubing - 6/0
Count Kikuchi Tsuranaga (Kai) for Lady Mordeyrn Tremayne - 4/2
Jarl Thorbrandr Olafsson for Countess Eorann O'Connor - 3/2
Lord Osric Logan (Logan Ebonwoulfe) for Arielle of House Shawdowolfe - 3/2
Lord Brandon of Tipperary for Diana de San Sebastian - 4/2
Sir Duncan MacAdam for Lady Emer ny Reyly - 3/2
Afshin of White Mist for Lady Sigrid Greycloak - 2/2
Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl for Countess Elizabeth Beaufort - 3/2
Lord Sigurd Ericssin of Bergen for Amanda Walworth - 1/2
Lord Dammuth Agantyr for Briannan Dunn - 1/2
Lord Connor of Tipperary for Lady Rhiannon ui Neill - 1/2
Duke Bertrand de Flammepoing for Baroness Alicia de Mersey - 1/2
Sir Tancred dello Falco for Lady Christiana dello Falco - 1/2
Sir Iain Monloch for Lady Helen Whitmore - 1/2
Baron Rufus Barbarossa for Ia Anna Kazimov - 0/2
Lord Michel de Montrevel for Baroness Ceridwen ferch Owain - 0/2
Lord Gaston de Montrevel for Mistress Jaelle of Armida - 0/2
Nasir ibn al Khazzaz ibn Qadir for Inshallah Fernandez de Cordoba - 0/2

The tourney was run using a 16 man tree with 2 challenge ins. The challenge 
ins were determined by random draw from the list - Sir Iain and Lord 
Brandon.  The final two were Count Kikuchi and Jarl Galmr.  The first fight 
of the finals was using kitanas with out thrusting tips and was won by Jarl 
Galmr.  The second round was polearm and was also won by Jarl Galmr.

Of note, at Royal Court, Lord Robert the Forgotten and Lady Rhiannon ui 
Neill were made companions of the Order of the Golden Dolphin.