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10 Dec 95 - Sts Bunstable and Pam Dessert Revel

Unto the patrons of The Merry Rose comes grettings from Tirloch!

The Barony of Ponte Alto is proud to host the Saint Bunstable and Saint Pam Dessert Revel! on 
Sunday, 10 December 1995 

Reliquaries of Saints Bunstable and Pam have been found in the bridge foundations of Ponte Alto. 
(You never know what you can find when you clean out the basement!)  For those who are unaquainted 
with these venerated saints, we note that visions of the Holy S. Pam have been seen by Ponte Alto 
citizens at recent Pennsics and the favor of S. Bunstable seem to have followed the same citizens 
here from the Middle Kingdom.

To celebrate the discovery of their reliquaries, a dispensation has been granted to us to have a 
revel for dancing and eating sweet food.  Saint Bunstable, the patron saint for liqueurs and 
cordials, will be present in the spirit.  Pray ye heed the famous words of Saints Bunstable and 
Pam who spake these wurds: "Eat, dance, and be merrye for the Yule season is nearly upon ye!" The 
Barony of Ponte Alto invites all  to join us in a dancing and dessert revel on Sunday, 10 December 
1995 in the undercroft hall of St. Paul Lutheran Church, at 7426 Idylwood Road, Falls Church, 
Virginia, 22043. The hall will open at 4 PM and close at 9 PM. The site is discreetly wet - NO 

Dancing music will be provided by the Harp and Drum Corps with an open invitation for any gentle 
who is endowed with musical skills to join in. If you are so inclined to play with the Corps, 
please contact Lady Anne of Carthew (703.437.6271) so she can have extra sheet music available. A 
yuletime Baronial court will be  held. There is no child care provided at the site.

COST: $3.00 SCA member plus dessert. $6.00 non-members. Children ages 10 and under are free. 

Mail reservations will be accepted. Send reservations to Tom Bilodeau, 13456 Cobra Drive, Herndon, 
VA 22071-4044; make checks payable to BARONY OF PONTE ALTO/SCA, INC. Any questions should be 
directed to the autocrat, Lord Tirloch of Tallaght (who answers to the modern appellation of Tom 
Bilodeau) at 703.437.6271 or tirloch@interramp.com

DIRECTIONS:   Take your best route to the Washington Beltway, exit 10, and take Route 7 East. Go 
about 2 miles and turn right onto Idylwood Road. Take the 2nd right into the church grounds. The 
undercroft is accessible from two stairways from the parking lot.

Tom Bilodeau