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Kingdom University: 2 Dec AS 30

Good gentles,

The following is the text of the flyer that was distributed at Curia this
weekend past.  The original flyer also has a parking map, which alone may
make it worth looking for.  (If there's need I can get the map on the Web)
I believe the only thing that isn't in the new Acorn is the list of hotels.

(Apologies if I sent the rough draft out already, but I don't think I did
and speech here in the Merry Rose is so slow of late...)

// hudson@cs.unc.edu


The 39th Session of the University of Atlantia
  is to be held in Kappellenberg, in the Barony of Windmaster's Hill,
  on the Second Day of December, in AS 30.

  Student Union, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Schedule of Events:
  Site opens at 9am;  registration at 9:15;  classes from 10:10 until 6:30
  A $5 donation is requested to help defray expenses of the University.
  Break for lunch midday:  the canton will be serving a cheap,
    simple meal;  it's also two blocks to downtown Chapel Hill
    and we'll have a restaurant guide
  After dinner, return for a (free) Dessert Revel and Dance put
    on by the canton, with live musicians imported from the farthest
    reaches of the Kingdom!  We have plenty of extra space reserved
    for meeting friends from all over Atlantia.
  We start shutting down by 11pm

To get there:  (Easiest, not necessarily shortest routes to UNC)
>From the north:
  Find I-85 south to North Carolina.  It will merge with I-40 west of 
  durham.  Get on I-40 east, and go to NC54, exit 273 B, east of Chapel 
  Hill.  Go 3 or 4 miles down NC 54, staying on that road (NC 54 will turn 
  off, ignore this).  Shortly after NC 54 turns off, you will enter the 
  university campus.  Keep going until you are immediately past the Bell 
  Tower on your left side.  There is a streetlight there for the parking 
  lot, called the Bell Tower lot.  Park in there.
  The student union is on the other side of the street from the bell tower, 
  at the previous light (you passed this earlier).
>From the east or west- find I-40 headed into Chapel Hill.  Get off at 
  exit 273B, NC 54, and follow directions above.
>From the South, if you're in Sanford or Fayetteville, come up US1 to 
  Raleigh, get on I-40 West, and get off at exit 273B, NC54.  
>From South Carolina or Charlotte, or nearby areas, come up I-85 North, 
  which merges with I-40 in Greensboro.  Follow directions from the west.

  Crash space is being organized by Fern de la Foret at (919) 929-5026
  Unfortunately, the hotel situation looks bleaker than we'd expected.
Here are a few places to try:

    Red Roof Inn, Chapel Hill  1-800-843-7663 / 919-489-9421
    Hampton Inn  919-968-3000
    Holiday Inn  919-929-2171
    Best Western: University  919-932-3000
    Tar Heel Motel  929-3090
    Comfort Inn  919-932-9522
    Best Western: Airport  919-840-9000
    Days Inn:  Airport  919-469-8688

Childcare should be available for $5 per child.

Chancellor:   Henry Best  (703) 569-9743  gc429@cleveland.freenet.edu
Autocrat:     Giovan      (919) 967-6526  hudson@cs.unc.edu
Hospitaler:   Fern        (919) 929-5026