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Re: Some questions

Eogan writes:

> OK, guys...  I have some questions.  Maybe some of you can answer them, 
> or direct me to where I may find some answers.
> 1) What is the origin of the potter's wheel?  When did it first start 
> being used?

Don't know the answer to this. I would suspect that the concept goes back
to BCE time period.

> 2)  What is the origin of the tin whistle?  How old is it?  How about 
> those big Concert D whistles?

Again, I don't know the origin, however the fingering of a penny whistle
is identical to that of a medaeval recorder. I said Medaeval, not Baroque.
The Baroque recorder is what you see (and hear) most commonly being played
today. The fingering is different. THe C penny whistle, or so I have been
told, is closest to the Medaeval recorder in tuning. So, if you get yourself
a low whistle (that's what the larger, lower octave whistles are called 
among Irish seisun musicians) tuned in C, you will approximate a Medaeval
recorder. Also, the low whistles, whether in D or C, are less shrill than
the standard penny whistle. For an example of excellent low whistle playing,
pick up any album by Davy Spillane. He's a consumate Irish piper and plays
one helluva low whistle.

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