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Seeking Pas des Armes Defenders

Greetings to all those interested in things Atlantian from Baron Corby.

HRH Galmr has asked me to organize a grand Passage of Arms in honor of the
15th anniversary of the kingdom of Atlantia, to be held on the Sunday of
Memorial Day weekend. This celebration shall be in conjunction with the
Barony of Caer Mear's Emerald Joust, held the previous day.

As things sit now, the Passage shall be for 6 man teams, with choice of
weapons in the open field, or great weapons only at the barrier. (That
includes greatsword, polearm and spear.)

In order to reflect great glory on Atlantia, and to show off some of her
history, I am determined to have all the defending teams reflect Atlantian
history in some way. I seek people qualified and willing to join any of the
following tentative defender teams:

*Fighters active when Atlantia was founded
*Fighters born the year Atlantia was founded (that's 18-19
      year olds)
*Former crowned heads (Princes or Kings) (HRM Cuan is 
     putting this team together)
*Former Warlords or "Admirals of the Army"
*Former Territorial Barons
*Current Territorial Barons
*Former King's or Queen's Champions
*Former Queen's Guards
*Former Great Officers (who are authorized, obviously)
*People who fought in Atlantia's first crown list
*The first 6 sea stags created (who still fight)
*Atlantians who have won a foreign crown (I can think of 3)
*Other cool historical themes suggested by YOU

(Yes, I realize that that's 12-13 teams of 6, totalling 72-78 people just for
defenders. No, I really don't want that many defenders. These are TENTATIVE

Also, if you want to be on one of these defender teams, remember that style
counts in a passage of arms, especially for defenders, who are expected to
set the tone. Be sure you have gear that looks pretty good. Also, the first
person to volunteer for a team will probably end up being the contact person
for that defender team.

I would like to suggest that non-fighters who played a part in the history of
Atlantia might want to consider sponsoring a team of challengers. 

There are questions I would also like to answer for everyone who attends this

Who was the first Knight created by an Atlantian King? (As opposed to an
Eastern king from Atlantia.) The first Laurel? The first Pelican?

I don't know the answers to these questions, and I've been active for nearly
10 years.

I think this can be great fun for all concerned, but of course I am open to
your suggestions for making this plan better.

Look for invitations to attend appearing in finer hats across Atlantia,
starting at 12th Night.

As usual, please note that I AM NOT SUBSCRIBED to the Atlantia list, so if
you want to volunteer or discuss this with me, please respond by direct

In service to Atlantia and her history,

(Corby's Mark)