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Again with the stories? (Was "Quiet these days")

To all of those brave enough to bear the ice and wind and join us in the 

If someone wanted to seize the open space by the fire and share a gift of 
song, poetry, or story, I would count my holiday season as complete.  I am 
never so busy as to be unable to appreciate such things.

Perhaps a tale of the days when men were men, and women were women...  No. 
That's not right - When men were men and women were men.  No, that's wrong 
too.  When men were women and women were women and rocks were older than 
dirt...  Now I'm really backwards.

                      * I've got it! *

Would someone please tell a story of the elder days, when [appropriate 
gender animated constructs] were [appropriate gender animated constructs]?

At least word-gifts can be savored WHENEVER they finally arrive.