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Re: Quiet these days (fwd)

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, Lance Day wrote:

> I'm not entirely sure, but I think our mail carrying e-Mule has gone lame.

Actually, I think the real story is that it's been overwhelmed with
Netlosers, uh, Netcruisers (netcom's new GUI interface to the net).

> Kendrick/Elenore: Is there still nothing that can be done about the 
> delay we're seeing when going through Netcom's Listserv?
> Or is it not Netcom's fault at all, but that the current unbridled furor
> over WebPhone, The Internet Phone and traffic in the alt.binaries.* 
> newsgroups (.warez.* and .pictures.* come to mind first) are taking up so 
> much bandwidth on the Internet that the unimportant chatter (such as our own)
> is being squeezed out?
It's not the bandwidth over the Internet that's the problem, but
rather the backlog on mail[1-5].netcom.com.  This has been a perenial
problem that doesn't seem to be getting any better.  As soon as the
holiday rush is over, I will probably make finding another place to
host the list a higher priority.

> (Maybe it's a plot by the USPS to de-rail the whole e-mail thing so as 
> to keep their employees busy, happy, and employed.  You know how touchy
> they can get about little things like being de-jobbed.)
All we have to do is let them sell weapons at the post office.  The time you
spend in line could do for the "waiting period." :-)  I wonder if I could
get a good crossbow there...

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