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Re: Quiet these days (fwd)

Lord Kendrick wrote:

<Several things on the much-to-be-maligned state of Netcom's mail system>

> Uryene wrote:
> > (Maybe it's a plot by the USPS to de-rail the whole e-mail thing so as 
> > to keep their employees busy, happy, and employed.  You know how touchy
> > they can get about little things like being de-jobbed.)
> > 
> All we have to do is let them sell weapons at the post office.  The time you
> spend in line could do for the "waiting period." :-)  I wonder if I could
> get a good crossbow there...

You probably can, but be very careful that your new weapon is unadorned 
with 'X's of any tincture!

You see, that simple cosmetic modification would convert it into
an evil (a)saltire crossbow, earning you a visit from an organization
no one *ever* expects, the modern-era Inquisition!!!

... er, I meant BATF.  Besides, they're probably not even Spanish anyway. :)


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