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Winter Events up North

Greetings to All good Gentles!

For those of you who expressed concern about our trip home from 12th 
Night, let me reassure you all that the entire Falcon Cree contingent 
managed to get home well and without incident.  We also came away with 
a good lesson in attending winter events, to wit, we are now resolved 
not to attend winter events in the northern regions without the 
following (per person):
1 full week's heavy winter garb
1 full week's supply of undies
2 week's worth of socks
1 full week's supply of medications
1 full week's supply of mundane clothing
2 pairs heavy gloves
2 pairs boots
1 pair crampons
1 ice axe
2 mundane coats
2 heavy wool caps
1 heavy wool cloak (preferably with fur hood)
1 book (about the size of War and Peace)
1 or more large, unfinished A&S projects
1 55 cup coffee pot
5 pounds coffee
1 box tea
3 pounds cocoa
1 pound each creamer and sweetener or sugar
1 week's supply food (munchies)
1 microwave oven
1 charcoal grill
1 sleeping bag (artic rated)
1 snow shovel
1 set tire chains(even if you have 4 wheel drive)
1 set tow chains
1 electric winch
1 large sense of humor
I'm sure I shall add to this minimal list of things that could prove 
useful at northern winter events as time goes on.  If anyone can 
suggest what else I might take with me in future, please let me know.

Oh, and to all autocrats of winter events being held in the northern 
parts of the kingdom, please be sure and check that your site has 
parking for the eighteen wheeler I'll be hauling all of this in.

With tongue firmly in cheek,
Elspeth Hinds

P.S. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed 12th Night, and would not have 
missed this experience.  Being snowed in with a group of SCAdians has 
shown me the meaning of cooperation and caring service.  I am proud to 
be associated with so stalwart a group of excellent people.  The 
autocrats are especially to be congratulated, as are everyone involved 
in hosting this event.