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Re: looking for sign language interpreter

        I attended THL Gaffer Aonghuis MacCluiunn's class on sign language
in the SCA at UA ##39.  However, I do not know how to get in contact with
him directly.  In the handout that he passed out during the class Gaffer did
include information on how to contact a friend and colleague of his, Lady
Ariane Desiree des Cedres called Cedar.  She Can be reached at

I hope this helps, Gaffer was actively looking for more people interested in
signing in the SCA.

>	My Lady wife would like to learn the SCA sign language.  I spoke 
>to the interpreter at 12th/13th/14th night; But, having swiss cheese 
>memory this weekend, I cannot remember his name.  If anyone knows how I 
>might get in touch with him, please enlighten me.  
>		Thank you for your time,
>				Ian O'Donnell
James Ghent
Ragnar Reinulf

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Go often to his house;
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