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Broadside Preview - No more Tax!

   In a special meeting on January 19, 1996 the Board of Directors of the
SCA, Inc. voted 5 to 1 to rescind the Non Member Surcharge. The Minutes of
that meeting were read at the Regular meeting the next day.
   Kingdoms have up to 60 days to stop collection of the NMS, but may do so
at any time if they so wish. The absolute latest that the Tax can be
collected at Kingdom option is March 20, 1996.

   The budget was actually gone over and refigured, practically line by
line, at the Friday meeting. The result was posted at the regular Board
Meeting for the attendees to see. The predicted surplus (without the NMS) is
approx. $70K.

   A more complete Broadside will appear later this week.

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