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Feb. 3 in Storvik & the Mail

Greetings Good and Gentle Cousins All:

It became apparent from clients today that documents our office mailed 
out 8-10 Jan were only delivered on Saturday.  The snow's delay is 
apparently causing a 10-12 day delivery delay, with an unknown backlog 
of undelivered mail.  

That concerns me regarding on-board reservations for the Storvik's 
Never Too Early for Love Event.

I encourage anyone who has sent in a reservation to e-mail or call me 
(301-559-7852) so that I can get a complete list even without Uncle 
Samuel's help.  I would ask the Seneschal's of northern groups to pass 
the word if possible.

Many thanks.

Beornheard the Compulsive

aka Jeff Tyeryar