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Estrella A&S competitioin agenda ..... (Fwd)

Picked this up and thought I would pass it on...


>>> Right to Arm Bears! <bigdave@idir.net> 01/23/96 08:22pm >>>
Greetings unto the NET,

Here are the ESTRELLA A&S COMPETITON aggenda,

Have fun.


>To the gentles of Atenveldt, Caid, and the Outlands, do Master Emrys
>and Master Rhodri Longshanks send these greetings. Here is the much
>information for the A&S Competition at Estrella XII. Please note that we
>still need judges and volunteers, and that more information will be
>Category- Metalworking	
>Criteria: Worked metal articles appropriate to SCA period of interest.
>Includes (but is not limited to) casting, cold- fabrication (without
>soldering or welding), etched, hot fabricated (welded and/or soldered),
>raised work and repousee'.
>Category- Research Papers
>Criteria: Non-fiction research, limited to 10 pages of text, typed, double
>spaced and printed in 12 point or larger type; up to 5 parges of
>diagrams, illustrations, etc. and 4 additional pages of bibliography
>Category- Preserved Foods
>Criteria: Limited to period foods preserved in a period manner. For this
>competition, "period foods" are foods which are listed as ingredients in
>documentable period recipes. For this competition, "period manner"
>but is not limited to- drying, smoking, preserving with sugar, salt, wind
>and/or spices, hard cheese (being a form of preserved milk). Entries
>modern canning techniques, freeze-drying or cold freezing will not be
>Documentation: (0-4 pts)
>	0 - No documentation, or very inaccurate documentation
>	1 - minimal information (time, place, work to be judged)
>	2 - same as #1, with visual references (xeroxes, pictures, etc.)
to period
>examples, but little or no discussion of period practice, or same as #1
>discussion of period practice but no visual references.
>	3 - #1 plus visual references and discussion of period practices,
>rationale behind elements of entry (design, materials, techniques, etc.)
>	4 - #3 but with very complete examples and discussion, including
>for all elements of entry; may include discussion of their
>to each other, to period and to intended us. Explains original research or
>experimentation, or variations from period norm.
>Complexity/Difficulty:  (0- 6 points)
>	Rank the ambition of the attempt, not the workmanship, on a scale
of 0 - 6
>for each of the following. Divide total score by 6 for final score.
>		- difficulty and variety of materials and tools used.
>		- difficulty and variety of construction or technique (if
article has only
>decoration, rank 0)
>		- difficulty and variety of decorative technique used (if
>		- construction pattern and or decorative design (ie.
unaltered, altered,
>or original patterns used)
>		- finishing techniques or presentation (if none, rank 0)
>		- scope of endeavor (size of work relative to detail)
>Workmanship:  (0 - 6 points)
>	Rank the success of the attempt on a scale of 0-6 on each of the
>and divide total by 5 for final score.
>		- mastery of period style and practice
>		- choice and handling of materials or ingredients
>		- choice and handling of supplemental materials (as
>		- function/durability/appropriateness of use
>		- form or design or execution of technique or presentation
of research
>Creativity: (0-4 points)
>	0 - exact copy of existing item
>	1 - logical combination of a few copied elements
>	2 - evidence of original work consistent with period design or
>	3 - creative interpolation in combination of elements; much
>consistent with period.
>	4 - original, innovative combination of period materials, techniques
>designs, as might have been done by  a creative period artist.
>Authenticity ( 0 - 4 points)
>	Authenticity as applied to categories may  be judged thusly
>particular to reseach papers - a diffucult subject to apply   "authenticity"
>to are included).
>	0 - Blatantly modern in some respect (such as intended use, i.e.
>term paper, materials, motifs, etc)
>	1 - Generally period, with some obviously modern elements. (for
>papers, out-of-period, but of mild interest to an SCA member)
>	2 - Overall period style and execution, with minor inconsistencies.
>research papers, outside period but 	applicable to SCA medieval
life in some
>	3 - Period piece, no or few inconsistencies in design or execution
>presentation of researched material. (for research papers, in period
and an
>attempt has been made to be thoroughly possible and to adapt subject
>	4 - Special effort to achieve a completely period product by use
of period
>design, materials, tools and techniques. (For research papers, a
>attempt to address subject applicable to SCA and or medieval audience;
>paper is within the SCA period.)
>Total possible points: 24
>JUDGES NOTES- Judges are encouraged to provide constructive,
>criticism to the artisans. No one, from SCA newcomer to a Laurel can
work in
>a vacuum; as much as the artistic temperament might wish otherwise,
we learn
>from the feedback we receive from others. Please note the emphasis
>constructive and intelligent. I expect no "bashing" of the gentles who
>worked so diligently for their Kingdoms. They  deserve much praise and
>JUDGES NEEDED - the usual plea for judges goes out! Please contact
>Rhodri directly if you are willing to judge! Given the hectice nature of the
>war, we might ask for 9 judges and end up with 3, so we're looking for
>certain measure of redundancy.
>SCHEDULE - as of this writing, the time and place of entry and judging
>not yet been set. Please watch your February Kingdom newsletters as
well as
>at the gate  - we will have that information for you then.  >
>For those of you who have called us to volunteer your help (or giveus a
>nudge when needed) THANK YOU!
>Master Emrys Bethoc  (602) 843-4462 (before 9:30pm  MST, please)
>Master Rhodri Longshanks (602) 934-0987 (before 10:00 pm MST