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SCA marriage banns and handfasting

There seems to be some confusion over my previous post regarding SCA 
customs of marriage.  When I referred to "legal Marriages" I was talking 
about "legal" strickty in the SCA context, not in the mundane world.  I 
was refering to marriages between two personas in period, not a mundane 
"medieval style" wedding.  For instance, Lord Ealdred the Cordwainer 
would marry Lady Elaine of Canterbury, not Bob Smith the shoesalesman 
marrying Jane Jones, the librarian.  I thought that was apparant.  My 
main question was weather SCA customs of marriage were just a tradition 
that was usually followed, or if SCA Inc., or the Kingdom of Atlantia had 
any specific guidelins for SCA persona marriages, or if any period form 
would work for a persona wedding.  Thanks for listening to me ramble.