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Re: Long bows

On Mon, 25 Dec 1995, Morgandark@aol.com wrote:
>I am interested in learning how to use a long bow, and am wondering if anyone
>can tell me where I might find one and how much it might cost.  
>P. S. Merry Christmas everyone
And a happy new year, as well <g>. Sorry so long in replying, but the 
information you were looking for was well buried in my armoury. I have had the 
pleasure of purchasing a long-bow from the following:

94 Mill Street East
Milverton, Ontario
Canada NOK 1M0
(519) 595-8791

It is an excellent bow I purchased from him at the Pennsic Wars some years ago. 
I don't recall the exact price, but it was very reasonable, given the high 
quality of the Bow.

Reinhard von Stettin