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Re: SCA 800 number! (fwd)

Greetings from Tibor.

Seigneur Jehan wrote:
  This strikes me as an absolutely insane expenditure and one that makes me 
  cringe to think that I pay membership fees to this organization.  For 
  sheer nonsense it ranks above putting TI on glossy paper.  Who is 
  responsible for it and how the heck can we make them stop? (someone 
  please tell me this is just one of those practical joke emails, like the 
  Cookie urban legend..)

Well, the original poster is a Director of the SCA, and so it is NOT a joke.

I am undecided, frankly.  On the one hand, it *is* an expenditure, and one
that only begins to improve things.  On the other hand, a cheaper way to get
no service from the SCA Corporate Office isn't all that much of an
improvement, after all.

One thing that seems to underly most folks complaints about the SCA
Corporate Office, and the prices of "membership" is that people generally
feel they get lousy service for their money.

Getting a toll free number should be but one of a large package of
improvements, if the Corporate Office is to be seen as a useful resource by
the membership at large.  Just that change is not sufficient.

The Board also addressed one of my least favorite concerns, but more
quietly.  They bought a new plain paper fax machine, with a very large paper
tray.  No more faxes "lost" because there was no paper...