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Pennsic 25 chirurgeons camping

FORWARDED FROM: /mail/ah/ah488(#10831) From:ah488(Patrick J. Smith)
Greetings to all from Master Brusten, Midrealm Chirurgeon.
  I am trying to find out if there is enough interest this year to justify
a chirurgeons encampment as was done last year. The camp site would hopefully
be located in the same spot as last year (1 block away from the chirurgeon's
point). The East Kingdom chirurgeon is willing to okay it, but is too busy
to coordinate it or be the land agent for it. The camp would be open to any
chirurgeon working at the war, with the understanding that if the point needs
staff they can send a runner to the camp and wake people up if necessary to
help. Of course ones significant others would also be welcome.
  Anyone interested in coordinating the camp ("Camp master") as well as any
who would like to camp in it please contact me as soon as possible. Please
send email replies to ah488@dayton.wright.edu not to the net you read this
on, as it is being posted to several nets including some I do not subscribe
  I remain in service,