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Re: Need Info on the Third Crusade

Beornheard of Wearmouth wrote:

"I pray you, my Lords and Ladies, if anyone can recommend to me a
comprehensive treatment of the Third Crusade, with particular emphasis on
the Siege of Acre.  I am doing preliminary research for an event, and
need verify what I think I know."

My lord tells me that the following are good sources:

Runciman, "The History of the Crusades."  It's three volumes, book two 
deals with the Kingdom of Acre.  What you're looking for may be in volume 
one, though.

Wolff and Hazard, "The History of the Crusades."  This one is four volumes.

Also, Hans Delbruck (really!  *not* Abbie Normal), "Warfare in Medieval 
Times," and that's volume two.

"Medieval City under Siege," by Corfis and Wolfe.

"Crusading Warfare," by R. C. Smail.

Dupuy and Dupuy, "The Encyclopedia of Military History."

If you'd like, my Gruffudd can xerox what you'd like out of the Delbruck 
and Dupuy, because he owns both of them ...

Hope that helps!  :)

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal

(also, to Beornheard:  Got the original check back, returned for more 
postage.  You mean 29 cent stamps *aren't* good any more?  ARRRGH!)