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Re[5]: Communications Decency Act (CDA) and the SCA

     Greetings all,
        The best thing I have heard regarding this issue was from a Judge 
     that made comments regarding it in a news paper I was reading in 
     Rochester NY while on a business trip.
        He said, public Internet forums are to be considered an 
     entertainment, just as cable TV. A service that is a "pay service" 
     that you need not have. If you subscribe to the service, you 
     understand that adult material may be included. 
        If you subscribe to HBO parents and others know they could hear 
     profanity, view murder, drug use, rape, and all other forms of sex and 
     violence. If you don't want your children exposed, don't buy it. 
     Internet is no different.  
        Access to any entertainment when it comes to children (the main 
     reason for this) is the responsibility of the parents. If Internet 
     access is allowed at schools the responsibility for supervision is 
     with the school. Know any schools with open access to HBO?   
        This will rapidly become a non-issue. It will however end up 
     creating a new market and industry. Software and hardware that 
     controls and monitors what internet access is allowed and used. The 
     products are already surfacing.
        Looking at V-Chip technology. The net affect will result in 
     broadcast TV becoming more adult. Shows will be able to assume a 
     v-chip will control what the public wants to see, allowing all nude 
     tabloid talk shows featuring transsexuals in various action sports 
     like pie fighting...  :)  
     We'll see,
     Alaric "Who will always say what ever he wants regardless" Luther
     PS   As an aside. It is no longer illegal for the "authorities" to tap 
     your phone or read your email. They just can't use it in court unless 
     they had a court order in advance. In fact it's not against the law 
     for your neighbors to listen in on your calls if they had a scanner 
     and you were on a cordless phone. Always assume Big Bro is listening, 
     Let's give him something amusing to read, eh.