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Re: carpet armor

>	Does anyone out there know how to make and/or have a pattern for making
carpet armor?  I know its inherent weaknesses (i.e. hot and bulky) but that
is all I can afford until I am sure I wnat to fight.  
I have several items but they are not on computer. Send me a snail mail
address and I'll run off some copies.

>	Also, does anyone know if the type of rollout rugs sold at Wal-mart (or
similar rugs) are acceptable, and if so what number are needed (i.e. 2-ply,
3-ply, etc.)?

Don't blow your money! Carpet stores give away "scraps" of carpet for FREE!
Some of these "scraps" are over six feet long. 
The method we have always used is first walk around back to the trash bin
and take a peek inside. After you see something in there, then walk in the
store and ask if you can have it. Store clerks give away the stuff much more
readily once it has already hit the bin. 

>Fhearghuis Ghillechriost mac mheic Iain