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The Medieval Horse

Greetings unto Cheapside!

I would like to inform all and sundry (yes, you, Matt Sundry!) that
the fifth book in the brilliant series from the Museum of London, to whit:

Medieval Finds from Excavations in London:
	The Medieval Horse and its Equipment

is out.  And it looks nice indeedy!  Here is a teaser from the back cover:

	[...] This catalogue describes and illustrates over 400 such
	objects, among them harness, horseshoes, spurs and curry combs,
	ranging from everyday artefacts to highly wrought decorative pieces.
		An introductory chapter surveys the role of the horse and
	horse husbandry in medieval London, including the price of horses
	and the costs of keeping them, the hiring of 'hackneys' for riding,
	the use of pack-horses and carts in and around London and the 
	function of the marshal or farrier.  It also discusses the size
	and power of medieval horses: how large a knight's 'Great Horse'
	actually was, and why it took three horses to haul a medieval
	cart. [...]

Anyone familiar with the other four books in this series will appreciate
what a cool thing it is.  This book is perhaps a trifle-more special-
purpose than the previous books, but still well worth the price.

The ISBN of this publication is 0-11-290485-8; it costs &27.95 (that is
pounds sterling, not bucks US), and is available from the HMSO bookstore
in London.  They take credit-card orders by phone (which is how we got 

Dafydd ap Gwystl