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Recommended book

Greetings all!  I would just like to recommend a book to anyone interested.
Le Goff, Jacques, ed. .  _Medieval Callings_. 1987.  Trans. Lydia G. 
Cochrane. Chicago.  University of Chicago Press, 1996.
This is a collection of very dense, very scholarly essays on different 
aspects of medieval life and thought patterns.  Most of it was originally 
written in various European languages by specialists in Medieval 
studies.  You know  the standard view most people have that the world was 
stagnant for a thousand years during the Middle Ages, then came the 
Rennasiance and everything changed, and now we have modenity?  Well, if 
you can make it through this book you will be totally inoculated from 
that idea.  The essays include:
Introduction:  Medieval Man (one introduction well worth reading)
The Warrior and the Knight
The Peasant and Agriculture
The City-Dweller and Life in Cities and Towns
The Intellectual
The Artist
The Merchant
Women and the Family
The Saint
The Marginal Man
The ISBN number is 0-226-47086-5, and you should be able to find it in 
most bookstores.