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Long lag times ... and a possible solution

Greetings unto Cheapside from Terafan,

	I just wanted to echo Sir Dafydd's feelings about the
unsatisfactory performance of Netcom.    (This is in no way a knock
against Kendrick, for he has done a wonderful job in getting this going as
a service to the Kingdom.)  
	I posted my note reply to Beornheard's question about Saxon &
Viking Brewing on 17 March.  Apparently, SOME PEOPLE received my
post in a fairly quick manner.  ( I sent the same post straight to
Beornheard and to Cheapside).  I received a reply from Beornheard the
next day and even received a reply  from  Boroghul Khara/Grey the
Succinct on the 19th.  However, *I* did not receive my own post until 21
March.  This makes it very difficult to track some of the threads, because
I often read the response from somone before I even read the question.  

	My system may have something to do with it, but if others are
experiencing similar phenomenon, then may another solution is in order.  I
know that Mario Butter has the capability and has offered to run the list. 
Is this a viable option?  I don't know, but I'd be interested in giving it (or
ANYTHING ELSE) a chance.