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Re: Response to Proposed IAC Banishment Change

     Unto Master James of Rutland and the inhabitants of the Merry Rose, 
     does Lady Talia Paleogina send greetings.
     First, I would like to thank Master James for a well expressed albeit 
     long winded explanation of his concerns.  It takes a certain mettle to 
     express such "potentially" controversial views without hemming and 
     hawing about the particulars.
     With regards to Banishment and Courts of Inquiry, I feel that the way 
     things are set up now there is no opportunity to be heard.  Before our 
     peers (legal sense -- not society sense) should be allowed to pass 
     judgement on a fellow's misconduct, the fellow should have an 
     opportunity to present his/her side.  No story can be fully understood 
     with only one version.
     Lady Talia