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Re: Response to Proposed IAC Banishment Change

To Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi, Master James of Rutland, and all those gathered at 
Cheapside, greetings from Beornheard of Wearmouth

In Yaakov's long response to James' comments regarding Banishment, I 
found one kernal which exemplified the curx of our entire problem.  That 

> I agree this is a problem, as are the abuses that could follow.  But the
> solution is not to await seven folk on horseback to rule with another iron
> fist.  the solution is to draft better laws within our kingdom.

Indeed, Yaakov correctly states the problem - that we look to one set of 
Tyrants to overcome the excesses of another.  Would that we had the power 
to make law.  Our problem, which none of our medieval counterparts 
lacked, is the ability by bloody constraint to overthrow our monarchs.  
Thus we, as populus, have no means of correcting excess unless we, as too 
many of us have done, pack up our bags and play no more.

This would change if one Crown had the wisdom and courage to enact a law 
that created a true Parliment, in which all laws to be effective, all 
acts of banishment, etc., must first receive the advice AND CONSENT of 
the Curia.  

But our Kings think they are real Kings - even though they are never 
called upon to sweat true blood for their Crowns.