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Administrivia - Delays,New List

Recently there have been many people talking about how 
slow the list is.  They have pointed out that the delays
we are now experiencing are causing severe damage to
the usefulness of the atlantia mailing list.  None of
this has gone unnoticed by the listowner.  In fact,
the I have been searching for a new place for the list
for well over six months now, and in fact have found
a place.  The reason nothing has been said about it is
that in order to minimize the confusion from the move,
and from possible future moves, I wanted to obtain
the domain name atlantia.sca.org to use with the list.
That way, you would send posts to the list to 
atlantia@atlantia.sca.org.  If the list moved in the
future, the name would go with it and confusion would
be kept to a minimum.  Unfortunately, that seems to
be taking a while.  A backup plan is to register the
domain name atlantia.org.  That way all mail would go
to atlantia@atlantia.org.  Unfortunately, it now costs
$50/year ($100 up front for the first two years).  I
alone cannot cover all $100 for the registration, but
I will offer to cover $25 if the remaining $75 can be

That notwithstanding, I would very much like to move
the list soon.  The problems experienced by the people
subscribed to the list pale in comparison to the problems
experienced by the listowner.  (Chief problem being that
since Netcom is a high profile site, it attracts a lot
of malevolent hackers.)  I would like to have it up and
running by the first of the month.  Another post will
be forthcoming with all the information regarding the
move.  Until then, please do not rush out and create 
another list.  We don't need a bunch of different, 
competing lists.  That would be counterproductive.
Netcom will not be around much longer as far as the list
is concerened.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose

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